Hospitals and Accountable Care Organizations

Let Dominion Diagnostics help reinforce standards of excellence across your hospital system or accountable care organization (ACO). Our comprehensive support clearly translates into improved compliance, actionable clinical insight into population health, and increased community awareness. Poise your organization to become a leader in the community and help reduce the epidemic of prescription drug abuse.  Deliver high-quality care and spend health care dollars more wisely by partnering with Dominion Diagnostics. Our specialty reference laboratory programs support the goal of providing the right care at the right time for patients in your healthcare system. 

In 2011, prescription medication misuse and abuse resulted in over 1 million emergency room visits.

Source:  Cesar Fax, Volume 21, Issue 29.

Benefits for Hospital-Based Providers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Access to evidence-based science and a customizable menu for testing that supports medical necessity
  • A new level of actionable clinical information to support adherence monitoring and treatment outcomes
  • Education and training programs to enhance community awareness
  • Protocol support for managing patients on controlled substances
  • A national referral network to support patients who require additional care

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