Primary Care

Prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic levels. Take a proactive approach to combat prescription drug abuse through medication monitoring and patient education. Dominion Diagnostics is ready to help you design a monitoring program for patients prescribed opioids, benzodiazepines, and other medications for chronic pain and other conditions.

Recommended Treatment Guidelines
  • Assess all patients for risk of substance misuse following the Federal Government's SBIRT Program
  • Utilize drug monitoring at least twice per year for all patients on opioid therapy
  • Perform proper patient selection using benefit-to-risk assessment prior to prescribing opioids
  • Identify patient types that are less likely to benefit from opioid therapy
  • Obtain informed consent from patients before prescribing opioids and maintain ongoing communication with patients regarding goals, expectations, risks and alternative therapies

Source:  APS/AAPM Clinical Guidelines for Opioid Treatment of Chronic Noncancer Pain, 2009

  • Monitor prescription adherence for chronic pain patients
  • Identify PRN usage and cases for reduced medications
  • Comply with regulatory guidance regarding risk assessment and medical necessity
  • Access educational programs on state, federal, and FDA compliance
  • Identify practice-level trends using dynamic monitoring data

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