Women's Health

Dominion Diagnostics wants to help end the problem of prescription drug abuse among women. Our services support primary care physicians, gynecologists, and obstetricians that follow the latest industry recommendations to screen all reproductive-age women for signs of substance abuse. Dominion Diagnostics also offers other important clinical testing solutions to support women’s health.

Every day an estimated 800,000 women start abusing prescription drugs.

Source:  JAMA, 2012. Neonatal abstinence syndrome and associated health care expenditures: United States, 2000-2009.

Benefits to OBGYN and Women's Health Specialists
  • Monitor prescription adherence for all reproductive-age women
  • Identify prescription misuse at the onset of pregnancy
  • Reduce the number of addicted newborns
  • Minimize the need for additional hospital treatments and associated costs
  • Identify practice-level trends using dynamic monitoring data
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