Treatment Outcome Data

Dominion Diagnostics offers a suite of trend reports based off of aggregated CARD® and SAMM® data.  Each report is designed to address unique clinical information needs. The reports provide information that is both accurate and actionable, allowing you to make better informed treatment decisions and steer your patients towards improved outcomes.

Value of new clinical insight and actionable data through patient and practice trend reports:

  • Select any combination of reports to create a comprehensive suite of trend reports that fit your unique needs
  • Assess program-level medication adherence and treatment compliance (e.g., abstinence, prescription usage)
  • Quickly identify patients that may be at risk for nonadherence and/or diversion
  • Gain an understanding of the most common drug classes and medications that triggered “Not Expected” results for your patients
  • Identify illicit substances and prescription medications that were detected but not prescribed for treatment
  • Identify prescribed medications that were not detected and caused an increase in your overall nonadherence rate

Example Reports



SAMM® Summary Report

Gain insight into medication adherence, including "Take as Needed" PRN medications, and supplemental drug use at the practice level



SAMM® "Not Expected" Summary Results by Patient

Identify patients that may require followup care, analyze medication use trends, and support dialogue for treatment needs & medication changes



CARD® Summary Report

Monitor treatment-related medication adherence and self-reported drug misuse



CARD® "Not Expected" Summary Results by Patient

Monitor treatment progress and identify patients that may require a change in level of care



Patient Testing Frequency Report

Supporting Documentation for Monitoring Protocols

Targeted Analytics and Trend Reports